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Zaap Bag Toss Game Introduction

We started off pulling our travel trailer with a half ton truck so weight was always a concern. Originally Anna had purchased a bag toss game that had plastic boards and went together nicely so we could store it in the pass through compartment. That set was OK but had problems bouncing and the bags were much smaller than normal sets.

Last year Anna purchased a new set, the Zaap Bag Toss Game. They were much larger so they couldn’t go in the compartment so I put them on the dinette as we always travel with it folded down. They did not get touched last year and I decided to break them out this weekend as Anna could not go so it was just my son and I for the weekend.

What’s Included

The set did look nice and came with both boards that had folding feet to setup, eight bags, and a nice carrying case. We spaced out the boards 30 feet apart and was ready to have some fun next to the lake.

zaap bag toss game

Game Play

It was apparent after a couple of throws that this was not going to work. Where to begin?

The bags were made of a polyester material and had good weight to them. I am not sure what they were filled with but there were white clouds that erupted from them every time they were thrown. One bag was starting to fray after two rounds and I suspect these would not hold up long. We were playing on asphalt so they may perform better on a grassy area.

Zaap Bag Toss Game- Save Your Money

The boards have an aluminum trim around the perimeter with aluminum folding legs. They were easy to setup and there are clips on the framing so you can lock the two together while storing. The face is made up of what looks like a thin fiberboard type of material so you would never want to get these wet. The coating on the face was a slick black material.

Every time a bag was thrown, it would slide off the front. In fact the only scoring we got is if a couple of bags went off the front and stopped others from making it all the way to the ground. I thought about applying a rubberized coating to try and eliminate the sliding but that wasn’t the only issue.

Zaap Bag Toss Game- Save Your Money
Boards bounce all over, not enough weight to keep them down.

Unless you could drop the bag directly in the hole or hit and bounce it in it was almost impossible to score because the thin fiber board material acted like a springboard and the bags bounced up and off the face every time. The boards also bounced around and would have to be repositioned after we each took our turns. We even used firewood through the legs to try and give it some weight but it just kept bouncing the wood off the legs. I was so aggravated after playing one game that I refused to use them again.

Zaap Bag Toss Game- Save Your Money
The face is so thin that it deflects and acts as a springboard launching the bags off almost every time.

After one round we put the boards together and went to pack them into their carrying bag. The bag already had a hole worn through the bottom and a seam ripped out as my son and I tried to get it into the bag. I did not want to hurt Anna’s feelings but I asked her not to buy anymore and let me pick out the next set.


I can’t begin to even mildly suggest for anyone to purchase the Zaap Bag Toss Game. There is just no fun playing a game like this when you struggle to score and everything keeps moving around. Save your money! If anyone has a suggestion for a portable unit then let us know in the comments. I believe I will be purchasing a traditional wood set for our next trip.

Here is a link to the item at Wal Mart.

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